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Mice Circus

This Circus Tent will bring hours of play!
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Welcome to the Magical Maileg Circus! This Circus Tent will bring hours of play! It is a trapezoid shaped tent that has colorful polka dots and a red striped layover in front along with a flag garland. Three circus character are included in this tent which are the Strong Mouse, Ballerina, and a Stilt Clown! Watch the strong mouse hang on the rings connected to the top of the tent...how incredible! See the Ballerina do outstanding tricks and flips! Laugh at the stilt clown as he walks around and humors you with jokes! This Circus Tent is filled with joy! It also comes with two buckets of popcorn.

Made of wood and cotton.

Includes pop-out cardboard garland, circus tickets, and popcorn.

16" wide 12" deep and 15" tall

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