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    • Douglas Douglas: I Love Rainbows Sak with Pug
    • Douglas: I Love Rainbows Sak with Pug

      There’s not a more fun loving pooch around than our playful plush Pug puppy in her brightly colored I Love Rainbows Sassy Pet Sak!

    • Douglas Douglas: Starlight Musical Elephant
    • Douglas: Starlight Musical Elephant

      An Elephant in the room is always a welcome addition when he can transform your ordinary surroundings into a magical nighttime starscape!

    • Douglas Douglas: Starlight Musical Unicorn
    • Douglas: Starlight Musical Unicorn

      Dream a magical fairytale with our soft and sweet Starlight Musical Unicorn plush toy! A stuffed animal like few others, this fantasy horse is designed to make bedtime fun.

    • Douglas Douglas: Anchor & Heart Sak with Golden Retreiver
    • Douglas: Anchor & Heart Sak with Golden Retreiver

      Anchors aweigh! It’s time to set sail for a summer full of fun and adventure! Dress for the journey with our whimsical Anchor Heart Sassy Pet Sak!

    • Douglas Douglas: Aragon Navy Dragon
    • Douglas: Aragon Navy Dragon

      Bring fairytale adventures to life with our noble plush dragon, Aragon! Featuring an array of specially selected designer fabrics, this is one dragon stuffed animal that will stand out in a crowd.

    • Douglas Douglas: Zag Caticorn Macaroon
    • Douglas: Zag Caticorn Macaroon

      People can’t seem to get enough of our squish-tastic Macaroon animals so we’re offering the fan favorites in new larger sizes! Zag the plush Caticorn Macaroon is a cuddly fantasy kitty whose plump form makes him an unbeatable pillow pal.

    • Douglas Douglas: Carly Sea Blue Mermaid
    • Douglas: Carly Sea Blue Mermaid

      Catch a wave with Carly, our whimsical Sea Blue Mermaid soft toy! When it comes to fun at the seaside, Carly knows all the best games!

      $19.99 Sold out
    • Douglas Douglas: Alder Wolf
    • Douglas: Alder Wolf

      It’s easy to cuddle up with the spirit of the wild when you have a companion who is as soft and woodsy as Alder, our DLux Wolf stuffed animal!

      $30.99 Sold out
    • Douglas Douglas: Winslow Scotty
    • Douglas: Winslow Scotty

      A native of Scotland and as unyielding and determined as the strong winds that blow over the Highland landscape, Winslow the plush Scottie Dog is a distinguished chap.

    • Douglas Douglas: Dilly Dachshund
    • Douglas: Dilly Dachshund

      Hot dog! Every day is an adventure when Dilly the plush Dachshund comes out to play! With her long brown snout and little black nose, we’re sure this playful pup will lead the way to some doggone fun!

    • Douglas Douglas: Feisty Jack Russell
    • Douglas: Feisty Jack Russell

      The Jack Russell breed is known for its tenacious nature and eager personality and, Feisty, our plush Jack Russell captures just that!

    • Douglas Douglas: Gina White Poodle
    • Douglas: Gina White Poodle

      A darling little cream puff, Gina the Poodle stuffed animal is soft and white and delightfully sweet! With a textured coat of cuddly white plush fur and a cheerful red bow at her ear, Gina is ready for a day out on the town!

    • Douglas Douglas: Shorty Tri-color Corgi
    • Douglas: Shorty Tri-color Corgi

      This popular breed now comes in miniature! Shorty our little Corgi stuffed animal is small enough to squeeze into a pocket or tuck into a backpack so you can have the pleasure of his company everywhere you go

    • Douglas Douglas: Quincy Boston Terrier
    • Douglas: Quincy Boston Terrier

      Dressed up in dapper black and white, Quincy the Boston Terrier stuffed animal is ready for a fancy evening out!

    • Douglas Douglas: Checkers Dalmatian
    • Douglas: Checkers Dalmatian

      Equally happy as a firehouse mascot or at home as the family pet, the Dalmatian with its athletic build and attractive spotted coat is a popular breed!

    • Douglas Douglas: Finn Chocolate Lab
    • Douglas: Finn Chocolate Lab

      As rich and luxurious as a bar of milk chocolate, Finn the Chocolate Lab stuffed animal is all of the indulgence without any of the calories!

    • Douglas Douglas: Tiny Shetland Pony
    • Douglas: Tiny Shetland Pony

      The windswept islands off the coast of Scotland might come across as inhospitable places to live, but the hardy, shaggy coated ponies that live there have found ways to adapt. Tiny, our cuddly Shetland Pony stuffed animal features the traits that have mad

    • Douglas Douglas: Evelyn White Llama
    • Douglas: Evelyn White Llama

      Evelyn, our graceful pure white Llama plush toy will turn heads wherever she goes! Her bright coat of cuddly fur is extra soft and a delight to hold and cuddle. Glamorously long lashes give Evelyn an expression that is both whimsical and lifelike and a br

    • Douglas Douglas: Sly Fennec Fox
    • Douglas: Sly Fennec Fox

      Sly, our plush Fennec captures all the charm of this graceful Saharan desert fox species. His realistic design showcases the oversized ears that make Fennec Foxes so endearing. A beautiful sandy colored coat combined with the highest quality polyester fil

    • Douglas Douglas: Silky White Tiger Cub
    • Douglas: Silky White Tiger Cub

      With our adorable Silky the White Tiger Cub stuffed animal, you can have a rare white tiger of your very own! Crafted with soft, lustrous white plush fur, Silky is an absolute dream to hold and cuddle. A gently weighted body adds to Silky’s cuddly nature


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