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    • JellyCat Jellycat:  Bashful Hedgehog Medium
    • Jellycat: Bashful Hedgehog Medium

      The softest quills you’ll ever stroke and a tummy like chocolate ice cream - that’s beautiful Bashful Spike Hedgehog! This quirky little scrambler’s a keen rambler. He never takes a backpack, but sticks things to his spiky back!

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Amuseables Coffee-to-Go
    • Jellycat: Amuseables Coffee-to-Go

      The perfect partner for busy, dizzy days, that's Amuseable Coffee-To-Go! This nuzzly neutral cup is a keeper, with soft mocha fur, brown cordy feet and a chunky cordy tummy band. Start the morning with a smile!

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Amuseables Daffodil
    • Jellycat: Amuseables Daffodil

      It's springtime all year round with Amuseable Daffodil! This daffy daff has a linen pot, fluffy brown soil and cordy feet. With green cordy stems and sunny velvety flowers, this one's a wilt-free winner!

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Amuseables Macaron Chocolate
    • Jellycat: Amuseables Macaron Chocolate

      Bonjour mes amis! Amuseable Macaron Chocolate is deliciously soft and delighted to meet you! Scrummy-sweet, with fur au chocolat and cute cocoa feet, this merry macaron has a velvety filling!

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Amuseables Macaron Pistachio
    • Jellycat: Amuseables Macaron Pistachio

      Gorgeous in green, Amuseable Macaron Pistachio is a bundle of fun! With petit cordy feet, a cheeky smile and a velvety cocoa middle, this scrumptious scamp is full of bakery bonhomie!

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Amuseables Macaron Raspberry
    • Jellycat: Amuseables Macaron Raspberry

      Bienvenue! Amuseable Macaron Raspberry is a fruity, friendly treat, with cordy pink feet, soft berry fur and a tres jolie velvety filling. Smiley and sparky, this blushing sweetie is just so om-nom-nuzzly!

    • JellyCat JellyCat: Amuseables Pineapple Bag Charm
    • JellyCat: Amuseables Pineapple Bag Charm

      Jazz up your bag with this beautiful Pineapple Bag Charm from Jellycat. Soft and furry, it is coloured yellow and green, with cute little legs and an adorable smile. Attached to the top is a clip, allowing you to easily attach it to your bag! It would al

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Amuseables Yucca Medium
    • Jellycat: Amuseables Yucca Medium

      The perfect present for any quirky friend, Amuseable Yucca is full-grown fun! With splendid squishy two-tone stalks, needlecord legs and a felty pot in bright brick orange, this perky plant is a dizzy delight!

    • JellyCat JellyCat: Astrotastic Planet
    • JellyCat: Astrotastic Planet

      Space is surprisingly friendly to explorers! Meet Astrotastic Planet, a fluffy orange world with a welcoming smile and bright copper eyes. Wearing golden rings in vegan leather, this planet's looking cosmic!

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Bashful Bee Medium
    • Jellycat: Bashful Bee Medium

      If you like to plant flowers, Bashful Bee has a few requests! He loves lilac, honeysuckle and poppies - perfect for making heavenly honey!

    • JellyCat JellyCat: Bashful Beige Bunny - XL
    • JellyCat: Bashful Beige Bunny - XL

      Bashful Beige Bunny is a popular fellow with scrummy-soft Jellycat fur and lovely long flopsy ears mean that with just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let go.

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Bashful Blue Elephant Medium
    • Jellycat: Bashful Blue Elephant Medium

      Bashful Elephant has an amazing sense of smell, thanks to that tremendous trunk! If you’re doing some baking, don’t be surprised if you feel a supersoft nudge and find a hopeful elly beside you!

    • JellyCat JellyCat: Bashful Bunny Cream - Medium
    • JellyCat: Bashful Bunny Cream - Medium

      Bashful Cream Bunny’s gorgeous long ears look like two big dollops of clotted cream. Mmmm! Time for scones and a hippity-hop on the grass! With a bunny pal as soft as butter icing, summer days are so inviting!

    • JellyCat JellyCat: Bashful Chicken - Medium
    • JellyCat: Bashful Chicken - Medium

      Bashful Chicken flutters into the farmyard, waving those soft, heart-shaped wings! With gorgeous golden beak and feet, creamy fur and bright red tail and comb, this chirpy chicken knows how to make an entrance!

    • JellyCat JellyCat: Bashful Cow- Medium
    • JellyCat: Bashful Cow- Medium

      Bashful Cow is a Jersey gem, with warm, snuggly fur and a silky tassel tail. This flappy-eared friend has soft, creamy horns, long hugging arms and suedey pink muzzle. Even those hooves are super-squashy!

    • JellyCat JellyCat: Bashful Dino - Medium
    • JellyCat: Bashful Dino - Medium

      Bashful Dino is making history! Soft, not scaly, this mossy matey has chunky stomper-feet, a snuggly snout and fine squishy spines from head to tail! This dynamic dino is always rambling round, giving hugs to every t-rex and triceratops!

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Bashful Dragon - Medium
    • Jellycat: Bashful Dragon - Medium

      Bashful Dragon is a fierce little friend, with plenty of attitude! With supersoft fur in pale sage green, suedey horns and a long, squidgy tail, this brilliant beastie is pretty fantastic. We love those neat little contrast wings, chunky feet and fine fla

    • JellyCat Jellycat: Bashful fawn medium
    • Jellycat: Bashful fawn medium

      Playful and gentle in soft flapjack fur, Bashful Fawn is a baby's best friend. With waggly ears and a cute two-tone muzzle, this adorable deer even has squishy horns.


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