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    • Hape Hape:  Neboulous Stars Glitter & Foil Art
    • Hape: Neboulous Stars Glitter & Foil Art

      Create sparkling masterpieces.
      Each custom design with the metal paper to apply the sequins, the shiny.
      Contains 3 tables printed ready to decorate, 6 sheets of foil, 4 tubes of glitter powder, rhinestones, transfer tool and brush, instructions, recipe

    • Hape Hape:  Nebulous Stars Dreamcatchers
    • Hape: Nebulous Stars Dreamcatchers

      Make 2 owl-shaped dream catchers. The glow in their eyes will catch any nightmares while you are asleep.

    • Hape Hape: 3D Puzzle-Airplane
    • Hape: 3D Puzzle-Airplane

      A group of animal friends have boarded the plane for a fun journey. But where will they go? Construct and play with the 3D Airplane Puzzle to find out!

    • Hape Hape: 5-in-1 Beach Set
    • Hape: 5-in-1 Beach Set

      This 5-in-1 Beach Set has everything a child needs to enjoy hours of beach play, and can be stored and carried easily.

      $18.99 Sold out
    • Hape Hape: Beaded Raindrops - Red
    • Hape: Beaded Raindrops - Red

      Turn this rain maker over and stimulate senses with vibrant trickling beads and soothing raindrop sounds. Perfectly designed shape makes it easy for a toddler to hold. Age: 0+ Months

    • Hape Hape: Chef's Cooking Set
    • Hape: Chef's Cooking Set

      Age: 3+ Years
      A future chef can grow and thrive in the kitchen with this basic cooking set.

    • Hape Hape: Chunky Number Math Puzzle
    • Hape: Chunky Number Math Puzzle

      One, two, three! Counting is great fun! But can you count all the way up to 20? This colorful puzzle provides children with their first introduction to numbers and includes mathematical symbols for more advanced learners.

    • Hape Hape: Clap-Along Castanets
    • Hape: Clap-Along Castanets

      Clap along to your favorite music with these colorful castanets. Each has a felt washer to keep the volume in check.
      Age: 3+ Years

    • Hape Hape: Diesel Freight Train
    • Hape: Diesel Freight Train

      Age: 3+ Years
      Push this diesel freight train along the track to transport loads to market! The train's freight wagons are loaded with blocks of ore that can be picked up by Hape's magnetic boom cranes.

    • Hape Hape: Doctor On Call Bag
    • Hape: Doctor On Call Bag

      Keep your friends happy and healthy with this well-equipped doctor's kit.
      Age: 3+ Years

    • Hape Hape: Double Sand & Water Wheel
    • Hape: Double Sand & Water Wheel

      Fill the funnel and watch the wheels turn! See what happens when water, sand and small stones are poured in.

      $10.99 Sold out
    • Hape Hape: Dragon Rider
    • Hape: Dragon Rider

      Can a Viking warrior and a dragon be friends? Place this brave warrior on the back of the dragon and find out! Suitable for standalone play or with the Hape Viking Castle.

    • Hape Hape: Eye Spies
    • Hape: Eye Spies

      Discover the world from a new perspective. Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Sold individually.

    • Hape Hape: Fire Truck with Siren
    • Hape: Fire Truck with Siren

      Age: 3+ Years
      A fire’s burning! Put on the light and siren and drive this fire truck to the scene! Features a hose reel, moveable ladder and cabin hatch that opens.

    • Hape Hape: Flowerini Dolls
    • Hape: Flowerini Dolls

      These three cute fairy dolls transform into pretty flowers. Attach the flowers to a stroller or crib to entertain your little ones or help them drift off to sleep! Made from fabric with fun, crinkly textures and a cute bell!

    • Hape Hape: Four-Stage Rocket Ship
    • Hape: Four-Stage Rocket Ship

      Age: 3+ Years

      Blast off to another world with this four-stage rocket ship complete with planetary lander!

      Conduct your very own imaginary deep-space voyage! Play with a playmate to come up with a spacefaring story! Explain what your astronauts and a

    • Hape Hape: Fun Fan Fryer
    • Hape: Fun Fan Fryer

      Learn to cook with this realistic stove with frying pan. Works with an inbuilt fan which makes the food turn in the pan like it's bubbling, sizzling or frying. No heat!

    • Hape Hape: Galaxy wish jars
    • Hape: Galaxy wish jars

      How can you make your wishes come true? send your wishes directly to the universe by creating galaxy wish jars! once finished, write your secret wishes and keep them underneath the jar caps. Finalise the jars with inspiring decorations.

    • Hape Hape: Garden Vegetables
    • Hape: Garden Vegetables

      There’s nothing healthier than fresh vegetables! Trim the stems and then use the play knife to cut the green pepper, tomato and more. The vegetables are held together with self-stick tabs and come apart for extra realism.

    • Hape Hape: Happy Family Asian
    • Hape: Happy Family Asian

      Grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, sister and brother make up this family. Who will live in your house? Adults measure: 4.3" children measure: 3.5"

    • Hape Hape: Happy Family Brown
    • Hape: Happy Family Brown

      Grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, sister, and brother make up this family. Who lives in your house? Sizes: adults 4.3"; kids 3.5"

    • Hape Hape: Happy Family Caucasian
    • Hape: Happy Family Caucasian

      Grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, sister, and brother make up this family. Who lives in your house? Sizes: adults 4.3"; kids 3.5"

    • Hape Hape: Layer Puzzle-Your Body Boy
    • Hape: Layer Puzzle-Your Body Boy

      These puzzles show in a clear and child-like way the makeup of a human body: From the skeleton to the organs, the muscles, to the skin and to the dressed child. Each layer has seven pieces. Children learn about the body as they match puzzle pieces.


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