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    • Haba Haba Games: Air Bears
    • Haba Games: Air Bears

      The bears are going on vacation! Players will help all three of their bears reach their final island destination. The first player to get all their bears safely to their vacation islands wins.

    • Haba Haba Games: Dragon Tower
    • Haba Games: Dragon Tower

      Dragon Tower is a cooperative memory and dexterity game in which players must rescue the captured princess from the dragon's tower.

    • Haba HABA Games: Dragon's Breath - The Hatching
    • HABA Games: Dragon's Breath - The Hatching

      Oh no!
      The nest, complete with dragon egg and sparkling stones, is frozen inside an ice column! Help Dragon Mom melt the thick layer of ice, but be careful that the egg doesn’t fall out of the nest!

    • Haba Haba Games: Fiery Dragons
    • Haba Games: Fiery Dragons

      Everyone knows that baby dragons are courageous. But they need also a good memory. And they prove it with a race around the bubbling volcano.

    • Haba Haba Games: Ghost Blaster
    • Haba Games: Ghost Blaster

      The old clock tower is striking midnight! The three ghost hunters quickly reload their green goo ammunition in their handmade power pistols and enter the castle. Let the ghost hunt begin!

    • Haba Haba Games: Monza Game
    • Haba Games: Monza Game

      A car racing board game encouraging tactical thinking and recognizing shapes and colors!

    • Haba Haba Games: Rabbit Rally
    • Haba Games: Rabbit Rally

      The rabbits in Rüben Rallye all want to reach the carrot patch, but to do so, they need to cross the river first — and to do that, they need to make use of planks and stones lying nearby.

    • Haba Haba Games: Rox
    • Haba Games: Rox

      Druids are preparing for a great contest. Who will be the first to restore order to the elements?

    • Haba Haba Games: Snail Sprint
    • Haba Games: Snail Sprint

      A snail dice game that uses the magnetic tin as part of the game!


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