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    • Fred's Fred's: Magneticats Fridge Magnets
    • Fred's: Magneticats Fridge Magnets

      These cute cats are quick to catch
      your photos and lists. Each MAGNETICAT has two magnets that make them
      pivot and pounce with a satisfying snap.

    • Fred's Fred's: Say Anything Mug - Dont be an Ahole
    • Fred's: Say Anything Mug - Dont be an Ahole

      You have opinions, but sometimes you can't say them out loud. Fred's SAY ANYTHING mugs tell the world exactly how you feel. There's a perfect 16-ounce mug for you and for everyone you know!

    • Fred's Fred’s Port-A-Pint - folding beer glass
    • Fred’s Port-A-Pint - folding beer glass

      Pack a Port-a-Pint in your pocket and you'll be ready to knock one back at a moment's notice. Just flick your wrist and the cup magically extends. Pour. Enjoy. Port-a-Pint comes in its own storage case.

    • Fred's Fred’s: Dinner Winner - Dino Plate
    • Fred’s: Dinner Winner - Dino Plate

      The game of YUM... eat to win! In order to woo your picky eater you need a great game plan. DINNER WINNER turns mealtime into a fun board game.

    • Fred's Fred’s: Dino Skull Chopsticks
    • Fred’s: Dino Skull Chopsticks

      Take a bite out of your lunch with MUNCHTIME! This unique dinosaur skull opens and closes its mouth as you squeeze the easy-to-use, animated chopsticks. It is sure to make every meal dino-mite! Made of food-safe ABS. Design by Fred Studio.

    • Fred's Fred’s: Flexmark Cat Bookmark
    • Fred’s: Flexmark Cat Bookmark

      Sometimes you need to take a break from your book and stretch your legs. Use Fred's FLEX MARK to keep you on the spot. Stretchy silicone Kitty bookmark points to exactly where you left off and they do it with charm. Even the thickest books won't be a stre

    • Fred's Fred’s: Goat Yoga - Stacking game
    • Fred’s: Goat Yoga - Stacking game

      Fred's GOAT YOGA is a fun-yet-challenging stacking game - but relax, it's not a stretch to win! Your goal is to stack and balance the baby goats while keeping everything completely zen.

    • Fred's Fred’s: Light Up Koi Toy
    • Fred’s: Light Up Koi Toy

      This delightfully realistic floating koi lights up the second it touches water, glowing brilliantly in a rainbow of hues.

    • Fred's Fred’s: Roach Clips
    • Fred’s: Roach Clips

      ROACH CLIPS are eerily realistic, all-purpose spring-loaded bag clips that will make you jump! Rubbery TPU roach with a sturdy ABS clip.

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